Project Panchdeep


Action plan, as follows, to expedite the process of computerization / automation in ESIC, approved by ESI Corporation in its 139th Meeting.

*    Appointment, through tender, of a reputed consultant to do comprehensive study of the working of ESIC and suggest an IT enablement Enterprise Resource Planning     (ERP) solution keeping in view the work already done by NIC

*    Implementation of the IT enablement plan / ERP solutions in ESIC in a time bound manner as per study / suggestions of Technical Consultant.

*    Technical Consultant engaged in December 2007, in line with the decision of the Corporation

*    Study covered the functional areas of, Corporation’s Headquarters Office, Regional Offices, Branch Offices, ESI Hospitals, Dispensaries, Medical Stores, Directorates     of ESI Scheme, etc with a view to prepare a roadmap for comprehensive ERP solutions for ESIC

*    Systems Developer-cum-integrator engaged in February 2009

*    M/s.Wipro Technologies appointed as Systems Integrator

*    Project to come up on BOOT (Build, Own, Operate and Transfer) model - ESIC not required to invest on hardware / software / networking / data centre / systems     training, etc. Vendor to invest,  establish, and run for an agreed period.   

*    Project Panchdeep as it is branded, to have 5 main modules

*    Project expected to become critical by August 2010

*     Entire commissioned infrastructure to be transferred to ESIC’s ownership at the end of agreed period for BOOT